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A limited edition series of 1000 prints in honor of Anarcha, Lucy and Betsey

The Mothers of Gynecology
You May Feel A Little Pressure
From artist Michelle Browder in collaboration with 
Muralists Rachel Wolfe Pack Goldsmith and 
Zoe Boston
  • Signed and numbered by the artist
  • 18"  x  24"  printed on archival, acid-free paper
  • Shipping is included to United States destinations
  • Print is not framed
  • Orders will be packed in a tube with UPS tracking.
  • **Watermark of red glasses will not be present on print.


Growing up in the rural south, true American History was never taught. It was sanitized and rewritten to deceive readers about historical brutality of African men, women, and children. Romanticized with Gone with the Wind propaganda that persists today. Black women were seen as disposable, hyper sexualized,  and used as fictional fat with super human strength as mammy caricatures. 


Robert Alan Thom was an American illustrator who specialized in the portrayal of historical scenes for commercial patrons. He is perhaps best known for his series of 40 paintings depicting the history of pharmacy, and his series of 45 paintings depicting the history of medicine, both commissioned by Parke-Davis.


In 1952, Thom’s painting of James Marion Sims, the father of modern gynecology has been seen around the world. 70 years later, I decided it was time to challenge this visual narrative. From a black woman's point of view in a collaborative effort with Oakland artist, Rachel Wolfe Pack Goldsmith, I shared my creative vision to flip the narrative and make it relevant to the 21st Century. Together we changed the narrative. With the support of Monument Lab and Mellon Foundation it is my pleasure to present a new vision of The Mothers of Gynecology. You May Feel A Little Pressure. 


Limited edition: 100% of its proceeds will benefit The Mothers of Gynecology Health and Wellness Museum and Clinic at the former site of the Negro Hospital where these girls were enslaved, tortured, and ignored.



You May Feel a Little Pressure Print

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