A limited edition series of 10 original paintings in honor of Anarcha, Lucy and Betsey; the "Mothers of Gynecology" by Michelle Browder

  • Painted, signed and numbered by the artist
  • Oil on canvas
  • 24" x 48"
  • Shipping is included to United States destinations
  • $1,575.00 of your donation is tax deductible.


For the first time since the civil rights movement there is a national reckoning around race in America. We seek to participate in this reckoning by finding creative ways to honor the voiceless, the minimized, the ignored with the erection of the “Mothers of Gynecology” 15' monument, to honor the sacrifice of Anarcha, Lucy, and Betsey, the enslaved experimental subjects of the “father of gynecology,” J. Marion Sims.


The monument will stand not far from where Sims’s experiments were conducted. Drawing on a comprehensive re-examination of Sims’s career, and never-before-seen archival documents that reveal the lives and fates of Anarcha, Lucy, and Betsey, the “Mothers of Gynecology” will act as a first step toward teaching and reimagining the true story of the nation, facing the injustice of the past and honoring the courage of overlooked heroes.


3 to 4 weeks delivery.

Dr. Monica Lee-Griffith, MD, MBA Collection: Mothers of Gynecology

  • Dr. Monica Lee-Griffith has been a physician in the Henry Ford Health System since 1999, holding progressive leadership positions within the Department of Women’s Health. She currently serves as vice chairperson in the department of women’s health for the Henry Ford Medical Group, as well as medical director of obstetrics for Henry Ford Hospital. Lee-Griffith received her Bachelor of Science degree in Biomedical Engineering from Northwestern University, Medical Degree from Wayne State University School of Medicine, and completed her OB/GYN residency at Wayne State University/Detroit Medical Center, where she served as chief resident. She recently obtained her Executive Master of Business Administration from the University of Michigan Ross School of Business, graduating with distinction. Lee-Griffith is an experienced, innovative leader with expertise in healthcare strategy, process improvement, and service excellence. As an obstetric hospitalist, she has particular interests in quality, safety, and value-based obstetrical care initiatives for culturally diverse, health vulnerable populations.

  • Michelle Browder is the Artistic and Executive Director of The More Up Campus.


    For 30 years, Michelle has been an advocate and activist for the at-risk and marginalized. Her heart is especially tender toward disenfranchised youth.


    She noticed that young people needed someone to listen, encourage, and provide a safe space for them. She created a place that immersed students in history, "real talk," spoken word and visual art. This experience birthed an arts-centered diversion program that was used by juvenile detention centers in Alabama and Georgia.


    In the spring of 2012, Michelle and a group of chaperones took 56 students to Washington, DC to see Attorney Bryan Stevenson argue a case before the United States Supreme Court. The case focused on the constitutionality of youth being sentenced to death in prison. This encounter changed both the students’ and Michelle’s lives exponentially and birthed the I Am More Than Youth Empowerment Initiative. This initiative expanded into a non-profit that hosted community conversations, arts-centered programs for schools and youth-led conferences.


    Michelle owns and operates More Than Tours, a social enterprise that provides educational and interactive tours to students and tourists exposing the rich and sometimes haunting history of Montgomery, Alabama. More Than Tours has bridged the racial divide by reaching nearly 10,000 students and tourists.